SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — As day turned to night at Berwick Academy on Friday, onlookers began to wonder if the match would ever come to an end.

The Bulldogs and Dana Hall had played one another to a stalemate, and the first overtime was coming to a close.

Fortunately, Brayden Reed found herself in the right place at the right time with 1:15 remaining. In what was the 89th minute, Reed redirected an arcing chip shot sent in by Aaliyah Farid and got the ball by Dragons goalie Catie McCarron for what was the game-winning goal.

After a hard-fought battle in the cold, the Berwick Academy girls soccer team won, 1-0, to reach the Eastern Independent League championship game. The Bulldogs will visit Pingree on Saturday at 12:30 p.m.

“I thought that (Farid) was going to get (the goal),” Reed said. “I was happy for my teammate. But when the goalie was there, I just realized that this was my chance" to help the team win.

McCarron had been tough to score on all match. The Dragons' goalie made five saves and a number of plays on the ball inside the box to take big chances away from Berwick. Rayne Zimmerman had a couple of opportunities to put the Bulldogs on the board in the first half, sending in deep shots on goal that McCarron was able to deflect over the top of the net.

Prior to Reed’s goal, it was Farid that had the best look of the game, freeing herself up on the right side and sending a strike just off frame and out of play late in the second half.

“(McCarron) has been super all season,” Dana Hall coach Sean Napier said. “We’ve had two awesome goalies all year and they’ve been competing for the No. 1 spot. They’ve gone back and forth, and it was a hard decision on who to play today. But when Catie’s been in she’s done a great job. She made some really great saves. Unfortunately, they ended up with one goal.”

Berwick goalie Sam Montagno was great in her own right, also saving five shots and showing off a powerful leg that made it easier for the Bulldogs to advance the ball up the pitch.

After beating Dana Hall 4-1 earlier in the year, it was just the kind of match that Bulldogs head coach Travis Derr expected.

“It’s always hard when you’re playing a team for the second time,” he said. “They know a lot more about you the second time around and we knew more about them. We knew they had the strong striker up top and we had to manage that. We knew that they would defend. They put everybody else back besides that one striker and made it hard for us, particularly in the first half.

“We struggled to use the width (of the field). We were all congested and serving balls in that they were just sending back out. Once we started to play to feet and use the width, we had a lot more success. The game down there was probably a lot closer than the score line showed.”

As is customary in the EIL, the two teams played a second overtime period despite Berwick Academy scoring in the first of the two. It was then that the Bulldogs did a good job of keeping the ball out of their zone and using up as much clock as possible on their way to victory.