HAMPTON An "Impeach Trump" sign hangs from the bedroom window at 8 L Street. It is faced by a sign outside the apartments across the street an illustration of President Donald Trump standing triumphantly on a tank.

L Street looks like a political war zone to some, neighbors say, but Cy Bode and Al Fleury, who own the properties facing each other with opposing messages, say there are no battle lines drawn.

Bode, an 80-year-old Marine Corps veteran, put his sign up in spring 2018, and has since added two more a picture of Trump as a clown, paired with the message, "Elect a clown, expect a circus." Fleury, also owner of Bernie's Beach Bar at the top of L Street, put up his sign in response, the image also featuring the words "Make America Great Again" and fireworks in the background.

Both feel strongly about their beliefs but speak highly of each other, saying the signs are all in good fun.

"I find him to be very bright and personable," said Bode, who credits Fleury for his investment in the neighborhood with Bernie's, his other bars in the L Street area and properties like the one across the street from Bode.

Fleury said he has always enjoyed talking to Bode when he walks by his home and was sympathetic to the Bodes when their home caught fire three years ago. The house has since been rebuilt and restored as their beach home decked out with anti-Trump messaging.

Fleury said he teases Bode about buying every house on the street and putting Trump signs up on each one, possibly one of him Photoshopped shaking Trump's hand.

"I'm half-joking," said Fleury. "It's all in good fun."

Bode, who has been disgusted by Trump since he ran for office, said there was no particular thing the president did that inspired him to post his sign. He just decided one day to hang it up.

Fleury said he was disappointed when he first saw the sign go up, as he had gotten to know Bode well. He said he playfully nudged Bode about taking the sign down, joking that Bode's sign would give Fleury's Republican father a heart attack when he moved to the street last year. He said the sign briefly came down at one point, but when Bode put it back up, Fleury decided to get his own.

The signs catch the eye of tourists walking down L Street, neighbors say, beachgoers taking pictures and making remarks about whether the neighbors get along.

"People walk by all the time... they act like, 'Oh, you guys got a war going on,'" said Laura St. Pierre, who lives in one of the apartments where Fleury's Trump sign hangs. Also a Trump supporter, she said Bode's views never get in the way of their friendship as neighbors.

Bode shares the vegetables from his garden with her, and she said she and other neighbors defend Bode when tourists mouth off at him about his signs. She said she scolded someone last summer who called Bode a crass insult when walking by his house.

"I said, 'Hey, just because he doesn't agree with you doesn't mean he's an (expletive),'" said St. Pierre. "Clearly the guy was a Trump fan, but there's no need to be a jerk about it."

Bode says despite his age, he handles himself when people give him a hard time.

"Normally they say something like, 'Trump 2020,'" said Bode. "My response is, 'You're really going to get five to 10,' or 'It's a wonderful thing to support someone who is a rapist, draft dodger and inveterate liar.'"

St. Pierre said she also hears people make comments about her apartment building when she sits on the front porch. She said she once heard a woman walking by saying to her friend her building must be "racist."

"That's nothing, though," said Sheila Mercier, St. Pierre's friend who lives across the street. She said she asked Fleury and Bode if they would consider taking their signs down because she didn't want her son and nieces and nephews to hear tourists yelling profanities about the signs. She said she is also friends with Bode and thinks it is "pathetic" that political signs can inspire disappointing behavior.

"It just explodes people's emotions or feelings," said Mercier, who has since accepted the signs will stay up.

"It's cool," said Mercier. "People have a right to voice their own opinion."

Fleury said the signs have actually added to the fun for tourists at Hampton Beach. He admits he thought the clown sign is a bit "aggressive" but believes there is no harm with the signage on L Street.

"We have more selfies taken with our sign than I could imagine," said Fleury. "I don't think it's hurting anything."