EXETER — Police are reminding residents to lock their car doors amid reports of thefts of items from vehicles in several neighborhoods around town.

Sgt. Pete Tilton said police received reports of individuals’ belongings in four separate vehicles being taken the night of July 7. He said the items ranged from “personal items” to loose change and credit cards.

“This would all be preventable if people lock their vehicles,” Tilton said. “People seldom smash their way into cars to steal things. It’s done more by opportunity.”

Tilton said police had not received any reports of thefts out of cars in “several” months, but incidents typically spike in the summer months when the weather is nicer and people leave their windows down or their cars unlocked.

He said police do not yet have a lead on a possible suspect or suspects, but asked residents to stay vigilant and contact the Police Department at (603) 772-1212 to request him by name to report any information.

“We do not have any evidence to lead us one way or another if this is a single suspect or multiple,” Tilton said. “It’s an open investigation.”