HAMPTON — Four were rescued by a Good Samaritan when their boat crashed into rocks near the Hampton jetty Wednesday, according to the Coast Guard, each brought to shore without serious injury.

The Coast Guard in New Castle received a call for a boat on the rocks near the jetty at about 10 p.m., according to Coast Guard Petty Officer Jack Donaldson. The Coast Guard arrived to find another boat captain had already rescued the four, who had jumped into the water as their vessel took on water, Donaldson said.

The four were then taken to shore in Seabrook where firefighters met them and checked them for injury. Firefighters cleared them without taking them to the hospital, according to Seabrook Fire Department secretary Kelly McDonald.

The boat was still on the rocks in view of beachgoers near the jetty Thursday, and Donaldson said it was expected to be broken apart and removed by a salvage company soon.