To the Editor:

Thinking again...

So, what is the Ogunquit Sewer District election really about?

Placed on our actual beach shoreline, the present treatment facility must be moved in the near future, as a result of the flooding that will inevitably occur with rising sea levels.

A three member only Sewer District board is looking to purchase land for building a new plant Ė a $30 million dollar move and expansion. Why? Possibly to accommodate new growth in Ogunquit. Possibly allowing out of town property deals and linking in? Is our present small board, lead by an engineer, searching for alternative state of the art systems? Have any conversations brought ratepayers flexible, new age systems for discussion?

No, but Ogunquit rate payers will foot the bill!

Members, of the possibly too small board, have recently authorized a $2 million-plus update to administrative offices, which will then be demolished when the new plant is developed. Why didnít they rent space for the present and save money? Ogunquit rate payers will pay, thatís why.

Four square miles ó $30,000,000 just for Ogunquit. I think not. Are other deals standing in the forest behind the trees, waiting to link in while Ogunquit ratepayers suck up the tab?

So, what is the Sewer District election really about?

Itís about electing Barbara Ferraro who will bring clean, clear leadership and intelligent, responsible decision making to the ratepayers of Ogunquit. Using her head and her expertise in financing and public outreach, Barbara Ferraro has had tremendous success in developing complex, quality projects for non-profits from 1981-2006.

Barbara Ferraro is a coalition builder, a critical thinker and a person who will put the needs of Ogunquit first. Elect Barbara Ferraro to the Ogunquit Sewer District board on Tuesday Aug. 13.

Anne Rebello