BRENTWOOD — Though it’s been a year since Derek “William” Webber was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and arson in connection with the death of a Hayes Mobile Home Park resident, he has still yet to see the inside of a courtroom.

Since Webber’s arrest June 25, 2018, a week after the deadly fire at Carol Felides’ home and subsequent waiver of his right to a speedy trial, the state's attorney general’s office has obtained five extensions of the 90-day deadline to submit an indictment to a grand jury with the consent of Webber’s public defender.

Statute requires the state present an indictment to a grand jury within 90 days of a suspect’s arrest, which can be extended by a judge’s approval and with the consent of the defense.

The state obtained its fifth extension to bring an indictment forward July 2, but in granting the state’s motion to extend, Rockingham Superior Court Judge Andrew Schulman wrote, “Absent a really good reason, this will be the last extension of the indictment deadline.”

According to the state’s motion to extend, prosecutors and the defense have been “actively communicating” about the case with Webber, 32, and his attorney and required additional time to continue the discussions.

Associate Attorney General Jane Young declined to comment on the nature of the ongoing discussions with Webber’s defense. She also declined to state if she was confident the case would be delivered to a grand jury by the new deadline of Sept. 6.

“(Judge’s Schulman’s) words speak from themselves,” Young said.

Felides died in an early morning fire in her mobile home at 65 Hayes Park on June 19, 2018. Neighbors said at the time she moved in just days before the fire and no one had a chance to meet her. She was 65.

Webber, who is listed as homeless in court documents, was arrested in Exeter a week later on an indecent exposure charge stemming from an incident that allegedly occurred the night before the fire, in which he was accused of exposing himself to a Phillips 66 employee. The indecent exposure charge was dropped and the murder and arson charges were levied on him shortly after his arrest. He has been held without bail in Rockingham County jail since he waived his arraignment after his arrest.

The FBI has been involved with the case since last summer, which is examining the last 10 years of Webber’s past. Young has previously declined to comment if Webber is considered a suspect in unsolved crimes in other states.

Investigators were immediately concerned with Webber’s whereabouts between June 16, 2018, and June 25, 2018. Asked if they were still focusing on this period of time, Young said, “if any individuals have any information, we still would like them to come forward.”

The police affidavit, outlining law enforcement’s case against Webber, was sealed by Schulman from the onset, and since his arrest roughly 50 additional documents pertaining to the case have also been sealed. Most of these documents are motions to “obtain services other than counsel,” and include an arson specialist requested by the state.

Webber’s public defender did not respond to a request to comment for this story.