KENSINGTON — Selectman Joe Pace is endorsing Democratic Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president.

"Mayor Pete is smart, compassionate, and prepared to handle the complicated challenges facing our country,” said Pace, who was the 2018 Democratic nominee for New Hampshire’s five-member Executive Council.

Pace narrowly lost last year’s Executive Council District 3 election to Republican incumbent Russell Prescott of Kingston. Pace, who was born in Portsmouth and moved to Stratham when he was 2, was elected a selectman in Kensington in March’s town election. When Buttigieg headlined a jam-packed town hall in Exeter in May, he was accompanied by Pace, who moderated the event.

The Buttigieg campaign said Pace will help lead the campaign's outreach in Rockingham County, and will serve as an advisor on local government issues, including assisting the campaign’s efforts to support municipal candidates this year.