July 8 To the Editor:

There is a serious design flaw in the 160 Court Street affordable housing plan. The road that is proposed to be built to get the new tenants to their underground parking cuts across the south door of the Feaster apartments. The Feaster apartments are next door at 140 Court St.

There is no way for a resident to leave Feaster through that doorway without stepping directly onto the road. A person leaving the building cannot go anywhere without being in the middle of that new road.

Anyone (especially Craig Welch of Portsmouth Housing, the Portsmouth Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, and the PHA Housing Development LTD. Board of Directors) who realizes this and plans to move the project forward despite the dangerous condition isn't thinking things through very well.

That is why I signed the appeal that will delay and hopefully permanently stop the proposed affordable housing. There is a major flaw in the plan that is going to get somebody killed.

Patience G. Horton