July 4 To the Editor:

If the road to the Democratic nomination to run for president is to also lead to a Democratic presidency, we need to realize that there are not enough Democrats to do it! About 30 percent of the electorate in the general election are Independent voters who are not interested in how progressive our candidate is. We need their votes as well as ours. Our candidate must appeal to them as well as to us.

First, any candidate who promises a completely new health care system, radical new financial income system or lots of free stuff like college and other programs should know that it will likely never happen and it is recognized as just campaign rhetoric. Second, any successful candidate for the nomination who has been damaged by opposition research from within the party will likely lose the general election. We know how below the belt Trump runs a campaign and how he will twist negative information against our nominee. We don't need to help him!

In the first Democratic debates many candidates spent more time attacking the competition than Donald Trump. They are risking long term gain for short term personal advantage. That is unbelievably unwise, just as it was in 2016.

Hiram Connell