To the Editor:

As a college student, I am worried about the student debt crisis affecting our country. In our current backwards system, people of all ages are effectively punished for seeking a higher education. One in every four Americans has student debt, amounting to $1.6 trillion dollars nationwide. Students of color are hit even harder, with black students graduating $7,400 more in debt than white students on average. This huge financial weight is holding many of us back from our full potential. Personally, Iíve seen many peers reevaluate long term plans and suffer anxiety and stress due to the threat of lifelong debts. My twin sister and I combined have almost $75,000 in debt right now, and we still have one more year at Emerson College and Colby College.

This is why I support Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, and Rep. Ilhan Omarís bill to cancel student debt and make public colleges tuition-free by taxing Wall Street. I urge Chellie Pingree to sign on to this bill.

Student debt is a huge crisis in America and with your help, we can fix this.


Tanya Cimenian