To the Editor:

Recently, three aggressive events have changed the spirit and experience of Parsons Beach. Not one is the wish of the majority of the beach residents. First, the uniquely beautiful canopy of trees on the access road have suddenly disappeared. Instead of a peaceful drive to the beach, vacationers have found the canopy gone. Felling the trees happened despite many family and resident outcries.

After the trees were gone, by the side of the road were left mangled stumps which now have been chopped up into brown spots of dirt. Where just yesterday there were parking spaces by the creek, there are now huge granite boulders blocking cars. On orders of the town, police are ticketing drivers, telling them that these restrictions are the wishes of the residents. Uptown in the shops, one can overhear people saying that the Parsons family does not want anyone else to use the beach. Those comments are far from the truth. Finally, at the same time, signs have sprouted along the beach, telling long-time dog walkers that they are no longer allowed here.

For you in the town, these actions taken together say one thing: you are not welcome. This letter comes to you, then, to say that most of us living here are extremely opposed to what has been done. We can never bring back the trees, but perhaps we can hope to reverse the parking and dog restrictions and make Parsons Beach what it has always been, what it was designated to be by Henry Parsons years ago, a bit of unspoiled land by the sea with a special relationship to this town, a place you have loved and, in the main, cared for as good stewards, and a place to which we hope you will return.

Abigail Parsons Alling