July 1 ó To the Editor:

Mr. Hamilton, I find it interesting that you think I am laughing at children who are separated from their families along our southern border. Nowhere in my letter did I come close to even mentioning such a thing. No one should laugh ďat the suffering of others and cheer on their abusersĒ. You put the words out there, not me. I will say this, children or their parents, if they enter this country illegally they should be sent back to from whence they came. If you had your way you would probably graciously accept them, provide a roof over their heads, dole out instant welfare checks, educate them, provide free medical assistance, and last but not least, happily, at some point in the future, capture their vote. To the left, in the end, it is nothing but attaining power and holding on to it no matter the cost. I really feel bad for Americans that donít have a roof over their heads, that struggle to make ends meet, that canít afford health insurance, etc. I also would like to know where was your voice when children were separated and placed in cages under our hapless previous president. You were silent werenít you? You saw a wrong but did you attempt to right it? To do so would have put you in conflict with your ideology. Never again, right.

Dan Hurley