June 30 -- To the Editor:

Dan Hurley is upset that the facilities used to house immigrant children separated from their families were called concentration camps. He says that name would be insulting to Jews and Japanese Americans. Not the Jews and Japanese Americans I know. Those camps are worse than the internment camps that held my former in-laws. The interment camp buildings might have been tarpaper shacks, but children were not separated from their parents, deprived of beds, soap and schooling. The children were not forced to sleep in rooms with the lights on 24 hours a day. In fact, when the Trump administration tried to create a concentration camp on the Fort Sill, Oklahoma Army base, Japanese Americans came out to protest. That base had been used as an internment camp for them.

As for Jews being upset at the use of the term concentration camps, the first posting of a photo of Jewish children in a Nazi concentration camp with an immigrant child added to the picture was from the Jewish group Bend the Arc Jewish Action. After WWII many Jews adopted the phrase never again as in never again will we remain silent to human rights abuses of others. Maybe Mr. Hurley should adopt their attitude instead of laughing at the suffering of others and cheering on the abusers.

Walter Hamilton