June 29 -- To the Editor:

Trump supporters are constantly complaining that the press doesn’t give Trump enough credit, that they ignore the positive and focus on the negative. Here are some suggestions.

Before there is a positive news story, Trump needs to do something positive! Putting children in cages or hiring cabinet members, department heads, etc. who are crooks just doesn’t cut it. Too many of them have been indicted, gone to jail, or had to resign.

Lying isn’t sufficient! The Washington Post has documented over 10,700 false claims that Trump has made. Maybe Trump supporters feel this record number of falsehoods merits a positive story? Trump calls the press the Lugenpresse. Oh, wait, that was Hitler. It means “lying press”, the very term Trump uses to cover his lies!

Maybe the positive economy? Except Trump inherited the best economy in 50 years, Obama the worst, still Obama created more jobs than Trump.

The giant tax giveaway for the wealthy and corporations? The inflated budget?

Trump should, however, get kudos and that positive story for getting us out of Afghanistan. Oh, we’re still there? How about starting a trade war that has cost American consumers millions?

Trump does lead the field in obstruction of justice, just ahead of Richard Nixon. Maybe a positive story about that? For those True Believers, Mueller did not exonerate Trump, that’s just lie number 10,086.

Michael Frandzel