It’s an oh-so-common scenario: You and your PR team have taken extensive time and energy to secure media coverage for your company. You’ve worked hard to identify the right media outlets/contacts, develop and send your compelling pitch, secure media interest, participate in interviews and coordinate final logistics. It’s exciting (and satisfying) to see your article finally published.

So, you’ve secured a great media opportunity that is instrumental in showcasing your company’s product, service, key messages and expert insight. Now what? It’s important to increase its shelf life and “merchandise” your coverage to “cast a wider net” of people who will see it, otherwise the payoff could be short-lived.

Before your media coverage appears, consider other ways to showcase your hits to further enhance brand awareness and create additional opportunities. Be proactive so it doesn’t become a scrambling afterthought.

The following are some ideas to help maximize, extend and merchandise your media coverage beyond the day it runs:

Post partial tidbits or tips from your article in a blog (or series of blogs). In each post, link to the article you’re referencing. Provide “bite-sized chunks” of information for people to easily absorb. Share tips with just enough information to be useful but not overwhelming.

Create a media or news page on your website and include a brief description of the hit with a hyperlink. (Note: Know the copyrights for each publication and adhere to their rules although, typically, media outlets want people to share, post, link and drive additional traffic to their site.) Prospects, potential partners, media contacts and other key audiences tend to visit a company’s media or news page to learn about the organization, so showing regular activity and recent media hits is wise.

Share on social media channels. Post the hit (with a link) on your social media platforms. Include a brief description about the coverage and/or highlight why your followers should click to learn more (“what’s in it for them”). For example: “Our CEO provides Forbes readers with 10 tips to effectively manage your leaders” or “Our wellness experts talk to Seacoast Sunday about the best ways to lose weight after age 40.” Include interesting visuals (still or video) to attract more attention and boost your click rate.

Share with your customers. It’s nice to share your great coverage and insightful information with customers who contribute to your company’s success. Sharing your media coverage can help you gain third-party validation and credibility, which can boost customers’ confidence and loyalty for your brand/company/product/service. It’s also a valuable opportunity to let your customers know you’re thinking about them and sharing information of interest. Only send articles of value to your customers or you may annoy them with inapplicable information that weighs down their crowded email inbox.

When you’re pitching your company to a sales prospect, potential partner, sponsor or other key decision-makers, it’s a good idea to showcase select media coverage in your presentation (e.g., sales deck, sponsorship package, etc.) Being featured as a media expert sets you apart and demonstrates your subject matter experts (SMEs) are considered well-respected industry pundits. This will differentiate you from the competition and can help make or break a sale. People appreciate and respect SMEs featured in the media – third-party validation at its best. So always include your best media coverage as you work to “sell” your company.

Share the media hit – and enthusiasm surrounding it – throughout the company. This help build internal pride and excitement and employees will appreciate being informed and kept in the loop around this wonderful development.

It’s tremendously exciting (and validating) to be featured in the media. With proper planning and execution, you’ll expand the reach of your positive media coverage to increase attention, awareness and excitement.

Stefanie Guzikowski is manager and founder of virtual Portsmouth-based E & G Public Relations, LLC, which specializes in leveraging passion and expertise to help clients achieve a competitive edge, build awareness in their marketplace and ultimately grow their business. She can be reached at or (603) 817-9464. Visit