June 27 — To the Editor:

On June 26, Seacoastonline reported that President Trump falsely accused special counsel Robert Mueller of committing a crime by deleting messages that would support the president’s contention that the Russia investigation was out to get him. This allegation was one in a series of distorted claims made by the president in a Fox interview and on Twitter.

The day before, Trump had claimed that separating children from their parents at the border was an Obama policy and that he (Trump) had ended this practice. (In fact, although there were rare instances under Obama and GW Bush, doing this wholesale was a Trump initiative.)

In making such outrageous false statements, Trump pokes his finger in the eye of the truth and the public, in a way that raises doubt about not only his veracity but his sanity, adding to the 10,000 lies or misleading statements he has made since his election.

He seems to enjoy seeing how far he can go without repercussions. He bragged once that he could stand on Fifth Avenue shooting somebody and not lose his supporters. Perhaps so, but those who stand by him as he makes false official statements become complicit in his derelictions.

No good American, no good Republican, should tolerate such blatant lies.

Don Nolte