RYE — A site walk of the Driftwood property at 1215 Ocean Blvd. addressed a few logistical questions for the Planning board Wednesday evening.

The board, Conservation Commission, applicant John Samonas of Samonas Realty and interested residents walked the 2.5-acre property June 26. Areas of interest shown by Samonas and his team were the footprints for four proposed duplex units, location for a second egress and location for the private driveway.

The lack of a second egress in the original plans drew concern from those who oppose the project and the Planning Board as discussed at an April 9 board meeting.

Town officials worried emergency responses would be hindered without a second egress. There were also concerns about new residents entering and exiting one location onto Wallis Road. The second egress would be on Ocean Boulevard.

The project has drawn support and opposition from abutters. Abutter Delvin Arnold of 1220 Ocean Blvd. believes the project “is an incredible improvement to what has been a very challenging parcel,” citing attempts by multiple developers to re-purpose it. He also said transient tenants at the motel replaced by permanent residents would be ideal for the neighborhood.

A group of residents of a street behind the proposed project maintains its opposition and cites concerns about view blockage due to the units’ height, possible increased traffic and impact on the Parson’s Creek watershed.

Residents at the site walk attempted to question the applicant, but were told by the Planning Board the walk’s purpose was to understand the site’s layout and to bring all questions to the board’s July 9 meeting.

Samonas, owner of the Driftwood cottages parcel, said he was “very excited to get feedback from the community and to adopt it.”

Samonas said his team has worked to plan the project for more than a year, cut the proposal from 16 units to eight, and worked with CJ Architects to capture the character of the neighborhood in the design. He said also would install state-of-the-art septic systems and raze all out-of-code structures. His team would coordinate with the town on a walkway of its choice, extending up Wallis Road to help with pedestrian safety.

Samonas said the need to protect the Parson’s Creek watershed “was the most important aspect of the project” to his team. He added he would eliminate one acre of asphalt and plant grass and native plants as directed by the state and town Conservation Commission.

He said he has obtained all permits required by the state and town and is ready to begin building if the Planning Board approves the project July 9.