June 28 ó To the Editor:

How come you donít hear about the situation on the border being a "made up crisis" anymore? Perhaps it has become self-evident to all, that it is not.

Just yesterday, Nicaraguan authorities captured three ISIS fighters who entered their country on their way to the U.S. border. Earlier this month 500 people from the Republic of† the Congo surrendered themselves to Border Agents. The Congo...? What the heck! Once they were released by DHS into the interior, many of them made it known their final destination was Portland, Maine.

Parts of El Congo are being affected by an epidemic of Ebola so, is there any reason why American citizens should be be concerned about the mess at the border? I would say absolutely YES!.

But, all you hear from our federal representatives are crickets. Why is this not a priority to them? They were solely elected to represent the people of NH and the best interest of the U.S. ahead of the interest of anything or anyone else in the world.

So, why is this crisis being neglected by Sens. Shaheen and Hassan and by Reps. Pappas and Kuster? I would like to know.

Sue Polidura