Dear Jerry:

Over the years, I have read several columns you wrote about the Titanic. Right now, I want to know the status of “Titanic 2.”

On the radio, I heard someone mention "Titanic 2" will appear in 2022. I only caught the last sentence of the radio segment so I have no concrete information about this "Titanic 2" movie. I wondered whether it is a sequel to the late '90s “Titanic” movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Or perhaps the film is a remake. Or maybe it is a spinoff.

What should we expect in 2022?

Robert L., Flint, Mich.

Dear Robert:

First, I will tell you what not to expect. The 2022 “Titanic 2” (more precisely “Titanic II”) will not be a sequel, a remake, or a spinoff. In fact, Titanic II will not be a film at all. Titanic II will be an actual cruise ship.

Specifically, a replica of the original Titanic is currently being built by the Blue Star Line. While the company’s former goal was a 2012 sailing (100 years following the 1912 RMS Titanic), the Blue Star Line is now aiming for 2022. This new ocean liner, like the 1912 version (which sailed and tragically sank), will travel first from Dubai to Southampton, England. Then, it is scheduled to run regularly between Southampton and New York City.

Just to be clear, here is a footnote. There were some previous “Titanic 2” and “Titanic II” efforts in the form of a movie, a short film, and a TV show. If those happen to interest you, visit (Internet Movie Database) online. Type “Titanic II” and/or “Titanic 2” without quotation marks. Those and many other “Titanic” movies are available for purchase through the usual sources (e.g.,,, etc.).

Should “Titanic” publications interest you instead, there are books covering every possible aspect of the Titanic. One was published 14 years before the 1912 Titanic. It is titled “Wreck of the Titan” and authored by Morgan Robertson in 1898. To some though not all, this novel is remarkably parallel to the ultimate Titanic disaster.

For thousands of Titanic books, look at your local public library, the usual bookstores, or online (e.g.,,,, etc.). For vintage Titanic publications, consult the Antiquarian Bookisellers’ Association of America at online. Search by author, by book title, by topic, or in the “Travel and Voyages” category. The ABAA telephone number is (212) 944-8291.

Concerning the new Titanic II ocean liner, there are controversies, superstitions, and many other judgments about this endeavor. For those interested in cruising across the Atlantic on the Titanic II, sales have not yet begun. Although rooms are identical to the 1912 ship, the rates for 2022 have not been set.

FYI, the berths on the 1912 Titanic began at approximately $40, the first-class staterooms at $150, and the Parlour suites at $4,350. Expect something higher in 2022.

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