DURHAM — The University of New Hampshire announced Friday an out of state high school student has been identified as the person who sent unsolicited “racist images” to another out of state high school student at the jazz festival held at UNH last week.

The incident occurred Saturday at the annual Clark Terry Jazz Festival that draws hundreds of middle school and high school student musicians from around the region for performances and workshops.

The images were sent to some student musicians of the Boston Arts Academy, according to a mother who posted about the event on Facebook. The mother said the images were sent to her daughter's iPhone from an unknown person via AirDrop, a file sharing protocol for supported Apple devices in close range of each other.

“Upon learning that students from one of the participating schools had received racist images on their smartphones via AirDrop, the university immediately launched an investigation to determine who was responsible,” UNH spokesperson Erika Mantz said in a statement Friday afternoon. “After an extensive investigation by the UNH Police Department in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, it was determined that the responsible individual was not a member of the UNH community. An out-of-state juvenile from a New England high school was identified as the one responsible.”

Mantz said it was not a criminal case. “The two affected schools are in contact about how best to address the incident through education and awareness,” she said in the statement.