To the Editor:

Joy to the world, elections are coming. Time to spare the satire, we are possibly going to be making some real choices. From president to senator to congressman to local mayors and councilors and governors, the track is open. Perhaps nobody can consider beating the almighty D.T., but with all thatís on tap and open another area of selection might do. Hold the fire gates, hope may abound. Really, positively, though, they might be the doting candidate of your dreams. Come one come all to the fabled election process.

In hours of discussions in streets, in town hall forums, or at your doorstep, meet the collection of the latest batch all claiming the honor of fitness for office for whichever an honored local or national slot beckons. We have the choice of whoever the right voice. Who will throw the first dart? Will this be civil or will it be a showdown of crass vicious demeaning behavior, mirroring the recent past years?

To start we cannot know, only to go to listen and maybe hear that dynamic civil candidate somehow missing in current times. This all leaves one thing clear: Above all else has to be the year beyond all the recent infused hate and fear. One question is left clear. The choice we make next could end a lot of fear and restore to governance candidates whose minds are integral and clear. This is your vote. Your year.

John Flynn