The Bar: Agave Mexican Bistro

111 State St.






The Drink: LaFlama Blanco

2 oz. mango, habanero, cucumber house infused tequila

1 oz. triple sec

2 oz. fresh lime juice

1 oz. agave nectar


The Bartender: Ashley Reynolds

Age entered the hospitality industry: 25, as a second job. I went from hostess to server to bartender.

What she like about her job: I like the creative process, being able to express myself by creating cocktails. I like meeting new people all the time.

Ashley won the drink contest (with a drink called a Hog Toddy) last year during Restaurant Week and will be a judge in this spring’s competition.

A good story: One night I waited on a veteran, who was dining all by himself. I thanked him for his service and chatted with him for a bit. His bill was $25, but he left me a $100 tip.

On winning the lottery: I would buy a house for myself and another for my parents

Dream job: I would love to be a professional dancer. Of course, it might help if I could dance.