NEWMARKET — Without any declared candidates running for Town Council in Tuesday’s election, voters elected Helen Sanders and Jon Kiper as write-in candidates to serve.

Sanders was the leading vote-getter among the two, receiving 316 votes with Kiper receiving 293.

All of the warrant articles on the ballot passed. Most notably the $12.2 million water and treatment system upgrades and a $2 million bond to renovate Macallen Dam. The water treatment system upgrades prevailed by a vote of 1,072 to 242, while 1,039 residents supported the repair of the dam with 291 against.

The 20-year bond to repair the dam carries a tax impact of $6 for every $100,000 of property evaluation in its first year and slightly increases the ensuing year before decreasing each year for the remaining life of the bond.

The effort to rehabilitate Macallen Dam began in 2008 after the town received a letter of deficiency from the state Department of Environmental Services (DES) claiming the dam’s gates were a “high hazard” for failure in the instance of a 100-year flood event.

The 2019 town operating budget of $12,194,371 was also approved by a vote of 1,120 to 210 and carries a tax impact of $7.04 per $100,000 of property valuation.

In the races for other municipal offices, Joe Lamattina was the leading vote-getter for a three-year term on the Budget Committee, receiving 1,002 votes. Roger Cady and Gary Swanson were also elected as write-ins, receiving 202 and 26, votes respectively.

Christopher Hawkins was elected as town moderator with 1,114 votes, running uncontested.

Eric Botterman and William Doucet won the two open seats on the Planning Board, receiving 1,027 and 999 votes, respectively. They also ran uncontested.

Colin White was elected as a write-in candidate for Trustee of Trust Funds with five votes.

Newmarket School District

On the school side, current School Board Chairwoman Kimberly Shelton and Elizabeth McKinney won re-election, receiving 1,011 and 1,026 votes, respectively. Both were running uncontested.

Among other district officials running uncontested in the election, Penny Botterman received 1,173 votes to serve as clerk, Christopher Hawkins received 1,112 votes for school moderator and Annette Brosseau received 1,159 votes for treasurer.

Article 2, the $21,009,877 operating school budget passed 931 to 346. The budget carries an estimated tax impact of $22.12 per $100,000 of property evaluation.

Article 3, the Newmarket Teacher's Association contract valuing $479,288 for the upcoming fiscal year, passed 998 to 334.