EXETER — Select Board Chairwoman Julie Gilman won her fifth consecutive bid for the board and will be joined by Budget Recommendation Chairman Niko Papakonstantis following the results of Tuesday’s town election.

Gilman was the leading vote-getter with 1,435 votes. Papakonstantis won the other open seat being vacated by Don Clement after receiving 1,323 votes. Papakonstantis bested runner-up Darius Thompson by more than 500 votes with Jordan Dickenson finishing fourth in the tally.

“It feels great to be returning to the board. I appreciate the support from those who voted for me, and I look forward to working with Niko,” Gilman said. “My first priority is to look at our zoning for ways we can encourage the development of tiny homes as a way of increasing affordable housing.”

Papakonstantis said he was “honored and humbled” to be elected to serve on the board. He said he wanted to prioritize improving public safety infrastructure, review the downtown parking and traffic issues, and improve recreation and enrichment programming for senior citizens and children.

“It’s an honor to be elected by the citizens to serve this great community,” Papakonstantis said.

Papakonstantis said he wanted to work closely with Town Manager Russ Dean to ensure the $50,000 public safety analysis passed in Article 21 will come back with suggestions for the town to begin taking action on as early as next year.

“It’s great the public safety study will be completed in time for this year’s Budget Recommendations Committee when it meets in the fall. I’m glad it’s looking at the facility, personnel and equipment,” Papakonstantis said. “The current public safety facility will need to be reviewed in the next three years. It was built in the late 1970s and we need to ask if it’s located in the proper place in town today.”

Thompson garnered 829 votes in his second bid for the Select Board after running unsuccessfully last year. Thompson was followed by first-time candidate Jordan Dickenson with 487 votes.

“Hats off to Niko and congrats to Julie. I’m proud of Jordan for getting into the game and I hope he continues to stay involved,” Thompson said. “(Niko and Julie) had overwhelming support but there was a low-turnout and sometimes that’s all it takes. I’m going to continue to stay engaged and speak up when it’s required.”

Dickenson, a 24-year-old, said the process of running for the board was a learning experience. He said he plans to remain active in town government and wants to get involved on the municipal board level.

“It’s been a hugely positive experience for me, and I’ve gotten to meet so many people in the community and continue the conversation I started (around sustainable communities) while I was running,” Dickenson said. “I’m fortunate to call a lot of the people I’ve met in the last two months good friends now.”

The new board will convene for its first regular meeting Monday where a new chair will be elected.