EXETER — Voters overwhelmingly approved the $4.5 million library expansion project, as residents approved virtually every single item on the ballot in Tuesday’s town election.

The library renovation passed by a vote of 1610 to 785, or 67 percent of the vote in favor. The bond article needed 60 percent to pass.

Library Director Hope Godino said she wanted to thank everyone in town, who had a hand in spreading the word on the urgent need to repair the library, including the Friends of the Library, Library Trustees and Selectwoman Kathy Corson.

“Also our regular patrons who come in once a week talking with their neighbors and spoke about our needs in a way to get this passed. Those are the people who are most responsible,” Godino said. “I know this will make a big difference for the building but an even bigger difference for the community and once it’s completed, everyone will see why we did it so the library can become even more of a center of the community.”

Godino said she is now beginning the final design phase with the library’s architects and engineers and if the design gets Planning Board approval, she is hopeful construction can begin sometime in the fall. She said now that the renovation has passed, the library can begin fundraising to help offset some of the cost.

“We cannot go through another winter subjecting ourselves to the water damage the season causes,” Godino said. “Our HVAC alone may not make it another winter.”

“It’s kind of hard from my perspective because I’m impatient,” she said laughing.

Voters said passing the bond to address the library’s infrastructure deficiencies and the $17.8 million renewal of the Cooperative Middle School were driving issues compelling them to vote Tuesday.

“I just think it’s time we addressed the library,” resident Barry Sandberg said Tuesday afternoon. “It’s had problems for a number of years, and it’s got to be the centerpiece for the town.”

The CMS renewal passed in the district’s six communities 3,260 to 2,112, less than a percent more than the 60 percent threshold required for passage.

The Parks and Recreation Department’s $250,000 bond for design and engineering of the future Recreation Park also gained approval as did Article 19, allocating $100,000 for a capital reserve fund for park maintenance.

Among some of the notable warrant articles, the amended 30 percent annual municipal tax cap was the lone article to not gain approval. It failed by a vote of 705 to 1,529. Article 30, the “Right to a Healthy Climate Ordinance” passed 1,176 to 1,007. Article 31 to create a town sustainability office passed by a vote of 1,409 to 866.

Exeter’s $19,066,857 municipal operating budget, carrying a tax impact of $11 per $100,000 of property evaluation, passed by a vote of 1,543 to 713.