BRENTWOOD — Voters will decide the fate of the town’s $3.9 million proposed operating budget at the March 16 Town Meeting.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. in the gym at Swasey Central School.

Budget Committee Chair Keith Levitsky explained the working numbers and tax impact for the town budget and warrant articles during a Feb. 11 public hearing.

Should voters approve the town budget, the estimated tax impact is 0.267 per $1,000, or $106.73 on a $400,000 house. The operating budget is a 3.99 percent increase or $153,319 over the 2018 budget.

Levitsky said that many town budget lines were level-funded or decreased. Lines seeing a 10 percent increase or more include departments with wage adjustments including the Police Department.

Warrant articles include $89,000 for the final payment on a pumper truck, $150,000 to aid in the conservation of the Martin property, and $400,000 for road repairs.

Capital reserve requests include $15,000 for the highway vehicle replacement fund, $17,000 for the solar panel fund, $20,000 for the software fund, $20,000 for the information systems/hardware fund, $25,000 for the revaluation fund and $50,000 for the bridge replacement fund.

Warrant articles approved by the Board of Selectmen total $1,030,495, with the Budget Committee approving an amount of $805,495. The discrepancy comes from three warrant articles not supported by the Budget Committee, one for $100,000 to be put in a fund for a new police station, one for $75,000 to replace a fire vehicle, and one for $50,000 to create a building maintenance capital reserve fund.

Depending on what articles are approved, the tax impact would range from 7 cents to 46 cents per $1,000, and the result would be a range of $30 to $185 on the tax bill.

Brentwood holds traditional Town Meeting, in which voters can discuss, amend and vote on articles as a group.