EXETER — The owner of Blue Moon Evolution is seeking a buyer for its property while the restaurant would continue to operate just in time for its 24th anniversary April 24.

Owner Kath Gallant announced she has partnered with brokers Shane Emerson and Bill Riffert, of the Bean Group's commercial division, to engage in a sealed-bid process to sell the 4,584-square foot building with all offers to be submitted by April 11. Gallant said the restaurant portion would continue to be operated by her family who would lease the space from the new owner.

“Blue Moon Evolution has grown deep-rooted relationships with generations of families from our broad community,” Gallant said. “Our success has been earned the ‘old-fashioned way,' teamwork makes it happen.”

Gallant opened the doors to Blue Moon in 1995 as a natural foods market and the Blue Moon brand quickly took off. In 1998, her family bought the building the business was housed in and began making improvements to the property. In 2000, the barn entrance was built, a new kitchen installed and the cafe began with 20 seats serving award-winning soups, salads, and sandwiches to the Exeter community. The second floor was built in 2002 and by 2007, the cafe increased to 40 seats, becoming a full-service restaurant with more than 65 restaurant and bar seats in 2010.

Emerson said by engaging in the sealed-bid process, Gallant hopes a local buyer comes out of the woodwork to purchase her building. Emerson said there are already some interested parties he and Riffert have had discussions with, and a buyer might have the opportunity to purchase the Blue Moon business in the future.

“After 24 years the owner is looking to be released of the financial responsibility of the real estate,” Emerson said. “There is the potential of the sale of the business later down the road.”

Riffert and Emerson said they hope the property may exceed pricing expectations given the interest in Exeter as a growing international educational and residential spoke of Boston.

“It's in a great location in the heart of downtown and it has ample parking. You can't find any real estate in the heart of downtown Exeter that has its own parking,” Riffert said. “It's a great opportunity for investment.”