PORTSMOUTH – Anyone who’s ever parented a teen can tell you it’s a time of big changes and lots of drama. Authors, songwriters, poets and artists have long mined this tumultuous period as inspiration for their work, but it’s not often we hear directly from teens about their experiences.

Long Story Short, 3S Artspace and Rye Junior High School are bringing teens to the 3S stage on Thursday, April 11 at 7 p.m. for an evening of teen storytelling. The theme, "You Can Never

Go Back," explores the transitions many have already faced, or are yet to come as they look ahead to their high school and adult years.

Much like other Long Story Short events at 3S Artspace, the teens will each tell a short, true story based on the evening’s theme. This event will feature students, but it is not just for teens and parents. Anyone who has been to a previous Long Story Short, or loves the art of non-fiction storytelling, will enjoy this unique event.

Storytelling is arguably one of our oldest art forms. It connects humans through its honesty, humor and, often times, pain. It stimulates the imagination and builds a sense of community between tellers and listeners. Teenagers are natural storytellers and have stories that must be shared. The passionate teens from Rye Junior High School will present stories they’ve written and workshopped as part of a school project on storytelling.

“I meet with the students once a week after school for about an hour on the art of storytelling. We practice how to give and receive feedback. The students make suggestions to each other on their pieces and students then take the suggestions to make any changes or adjustments. We work on improvising in case something unexpected happens, and the difference between telling a story live to an audience versus doing a piece that is too scripted. The story really is their own and that is what I found to be so magical about the experience last year, “ said Erin Fleming who teaches sixth grade English Language Arts at Rye Junior High School.

Long Story Short is an ongoing storytelling series featuring a wide variety of people from around the Seacoast who have a good story to share. Held quarterly, Long Story Short includes five scheduled storytellers and one person selected from the audience to tell a story on the spot based on that night’s theme. Featured themes from past events include, Family Ties, Back to School, Hard Rock and Heartbreak, and Past Lives. You can find more about Long Story Short at www.blhwritingsolutions.com/lss/ or on its Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/LSSat3S/