We may talk about “The Grid,” but for many of us its origins and functions are a mystery. We know it has to do with electricity, but how is electricity generated and where does this happen? How is electricity delivered to our homes and businesses to power up most of what we need and do? And what happens in emergencies when more power is needed in a particular area?

York residents Susan Covino, a utilities attorney, and Len Loomans, an electrical engineer, will answer these and other questions about the electric grid in a public program at 7 p.m. Friday, March 15 at York Public Library, 15 Long Sands Road. Everyone is welcome.

The event is sponsored by York Ready for 100%, a local citizen volunteer group that promotes the transition in York from “dirty” energy sources to electrical generation by 100% clean, renewable sources by 2030. The group advocates for conversion to clean, renewable energy for heat and transportation by 2050.

Susan and Len will explain in everyday terms how energy is generated, transmitted through a network of power lines that moves electricity around a region, and eventually is delivered to our homes and other buildings through a system of wooden poles and underground wiring. They will also discuss new challenges to the electric grid as it transitions to cleaner energy sources, like off-shore wind turbines, and combines this energy with other sources, such as roof-top solar, to power a reliable grid.

Susan was a lawyer with PJM Interconnection, the regional power company for the mid-Atlantic states, for 14 years. She worked primarily with wholesale electric markets and demand response. She and her husband, John, moved to York two and a half years ago.

Len has worked in renewable energy generation, primarily solar power, for the past 30 years and is a partner in an energy consulting company. He and his family have lived in York for 12 years.

York Ready for 100% supports the work of York’s Energy Steering Committee, and the upcoming program builds on their recent presentation by Rozanna Patane on their accomplishments and goals.

York Ready for 100% is affiliated with the Sierra Club initiative of the same name; over 100 cities around the country have committed to the 100% clean, renewable energy goal. For more information or to volunteer, contact chair Mac McAbee at macmcabee5@gmail.com.