March 10 To the Editor:

Rt 236 Sewer Revival Committee.

That's not what they are officially called but that is exactly what they are doing. Imagine after defeating efforts to fund sewer expansion on Route 236 four times that this committee is totally focused on putting that issue before the Eliot voters once again! Imagine after the voters finally coming together and approving a TIF plan that removed any funding for sewer expansion on Route 236, that this committee would ignore all those votes and attempt to once again divide this town.

I have never seen such a display of condescending arrogance and a total disrespect and contempt for the will of the voters coming from a town committee and all under the watchful eye of our Town Manager and Select Board.

The Charter is clear and the Eliot Select Board has a legal obligation to "execute the legal will of the people." That has been specifically expressed by passing an amended TIF plan that removes all sewer funding on Route 236, expands sewer funding along the river to the Village and funds a development center to house affordable child services for Eliot residents. Neither the Select Board nor the TIF committee have any legal authority to set aside that direction from the voters.

After the frustration over years and years with people and town officials that would not accept "NO" for an answer, we now have a TIF committee and Select Board that refuses to accept "YES" for an answer.

Call them, email them, let them know that they work for us!

Bob Pomerleau

Eliot, Maine