To the Editor:

Recent articles, and editorials by the staff of the York Weekly, are a cause for concern. Are we witnessing another mass hysteria like the Haley's Comet, or Y2K end of the world scenarios? Neither end came about. There is now a "consensus" that humans are causing "global cooling," then "global warming," then "global climate change," what's next?

There is no "consensus" in science. Science is what it is, if not, we could not have gone to the moon.

In 1530 AD, the Polish astronomer Nicholas Copernicus published the heliocentric solar system fact that we know today. In 1632 AD, Italian astronomer Galileo was tried by the Inquisition for "grave suspicion of hearsay," for repeating the Copernican facts. The consensus forces convicted him, and had him punished.

Those who know real science, know that the climate of the Earth, and the other planets is controlled by the energy output of the sun. In the case of Earth, there is also the perturbations (variations) of its orbit, known as the Milankovich cycle, that is why the next Ice Age will follow this warm period. That is just the facts. If you want to, you can safely buy a "Green New Deal" 30 year treasury bond. Earth has been sustainable for at least the last five billion years, and will continue to be so. By the way, the sun does not rise and set, it is the Earth that rotates to produce a day.

Eric V. Warnquist