HAMPTON FALLS — In the hotly contested race for a seat on the Board of Selectmen, Lou Gargiulo defeated incumbent James “Jim” Ziolkowski at Tuesday’s election.

Gargiulo received 482 votes to Ziolkowski’s 399.

The race between Ziolkowski and Gargiulo was hard fought and angry at times, as supporters lined up on either side. Letters from candidates and supporters were mailed with accusations, denials and clarifications, with disputed issues even brought up at selectmen meetings.

Ziolkowski was running for his second three-year term, with Gargiulo in his first race for the local seat.

“I want to thank the people of Hampton Falls for giving me chance to be your selectman and to work with the select board,” Gargiulo said. “I am hopeful to earn your trust over the next three years.”

Voters approved the town operating budget of $2.6 million, which voters increased by $37,000 at the deliberative session of Town Meeting held in February.

Another topic of controversy on the warrant was the move to eliminate a number of the town’s existing capital reserve funds (Article 14) and to replace them with a broader-based expendable trust fund (Article 15). Both questions had to pass for the process to take place. Article 14 passed by a vote of 428-396 and Article 15 passed by a vote of 424-390.

Having saved over past years in a number of Fire Department capital reserve accounts, the town had the money to purchase a new fire engine for $567,000 without the need to raise more money from taxes. Voters approved buying the new engine by a vote of 705 to 145.

Two citizens’ petitions were also on the ballot. Voters approved Article 22, which required the town to get three bids before taking on a road project costing $2,500 or more. Voters also approved reestablishing White Goods Household Waste Collection Days by a vote of 751-110.

On the Hampton Falls School District ballot voters approved the nearly $6.9 million proposed school operating budget by a margin of 503 to 344.

Voters also approved spending $50,000 for new athletic flooring for the gymnasium at Lincoln Akerman School.

 Modify disabled veterans tax credit

Hampton Falls

Article 2 (Zoning amendment- Yard requirements): 572-271, PASSED

Article 3 (Zoning amendment- Private Road Subdivision): 581-242, PASSED

Article 4 (Zoning amendment- Table of Uses/Mixed Development): 532-233, PASSED

Article 5 (Modify elderly tax exemption): 708-137, PASSED

Article 6 (Modify disabled tax exemption): 699-136, PASSED

Article 7 (Modify veterans tax credit): 765-88, PASSED

Article 8 (Modify disable veterans tax credit): 731-115, PASSED

Article 9 (Combine town clerk/tax collector office): 524-334, PASSED

Article 10 ($2,684,978 town operating budget): 461-368, PASSED

Article 11 ($1,000 for the Heritage Fund): 557-292, PASSED

Article 12 ($5,000 for Tercentenary Celebration Capital Reserve Fund): 517-334, PASSED

Article 13 (Discontinue the Landfill Closure Capital Reserve Fund): 603-242, PASSED

Article 14 (Discontinue four capital reserve funds): 428-396, PASSED

Article 15 (Establish an Expendable Trust Fund): 424-390, PASSED

Article 16 ($13,000 for police body cameras): 558-278, PASSED

Article 17 ($567,000 for new fire truck): 705-145, PASSED

Article 18 (Amend purpose of Highway Maintenance Capital Reserve Fund): 641-194, PASSED

Article 19 ($69,641 for Highway Maintenance Capital Reserve Fund): 712-144, PASSED

Article 20 ($15,000 for mosquito control): 603-256, PASSED

Article 21 ($1,000 for Great Bay Services): 644-209, PASSED

Article 22 (Calls for bids for highway work greater than $2,500): 630-211,PASSED

Article 23 (Reestablishes White Goods Household Waste Collection Days) 751-110, PASSED


Hampton Falls School District

Article 1 ($6,785,532 school budget): 503-344, PASSED

Article 2 (Seacoast Education Association contact): 534-317, PASSED

Article 3 ($50,000 for gym renovation): 551-304, PASSED

Article 4 ($25,000 for Special Education Expendable Trust): 572-274, PASSED

Article 5 ($25,000 for School Health Insurance Expendable Trust Fund): 487-358, PASSED

Article 6 ($25,000 for Building Maintenance Expendable Trust Fund): 530-319, PASSED