March 10 — To the Editor:

First I want to thank our representative, David Meuse, for his clear and cogent report of a hearing before the Criminal Justice Committee. The headline was clear – in a hearing by our elected representatives for the purpose of learning public reactions to proposed legislation – wearing symbols clearly stated their pre-made decision on the legislation. This had the effect of cancelling out any information or opinions that differed.

Then we have two columnists that laid into the media about the pearls – and the major issue was lost. Both of these columnists centered on people’s rights to wear symbols – not to the fact that this hearing was held to listen to both sides of the issue. Chichester lambasted Ms. Watts for saying this display of symbols mocked those who defended gun control. But that is exactly what those Representatives did – or if not mocked, they certainly dissed them.

How Chichester can blame social media when he himself misrepresented the issue made for big headlines but undermined the point David Meuse made. Any symbol wearing by elected representatives at hearings being held to solicit public input is at best in very bad taste – and at worst a perversion of the democratic process and should not be allowed. That is what should be the take away from this incident. Thank you, David.

Linda Cunningham