SEABROOK — Ella Brown was re-elected to the Board of Selectmen at Tuesday's election, defeating challenger Gregory Tomaszewski.

Brown received 671 votes to Tomaszewski's 421.

Voters rejected the town’s $23.7 million town operating budget but approved a much-needed $2 million bond to maintain two of the town’s water tanks.

New contracts for the town’s four employee unions were also on the ballot but only contracts for the Professional Firefighters Association and Seabrook Supervisory Employees Association were approved.

The contract for the largest union, the Seabrook Employee Association, was rejected by a vote of 514 to 594 while the contract for the Seabrook Police Association was shot down by a vote of 545 to 569.

All four contracts were strongly supported by selectmen in hopes of stopping the “brain drain” in some departments, as some Seabrook employees have left to accept better-paying jobs elsewhere.

Both the Fire Department and Police Departments had big ticket items on the ballot which together amounted to more than a million dollars.

Police requested almost $591,000 to replace the current technologically-obsolete radio system but the bond article failed to get the 60 percent needed for approval.

Voters also rejected hiring two new police officers as well as spending $100,000 to renovate the police locker rooms.

For the second time in two years, the Fire Department requested $875,000 to replace one of its fire engines through a five-year lease to own agreement. Voters rejected the request by a vote 487-609.

On the school ballot, incumbent Jessica Brown won a fourth term on the School Board, defeating political newcomer Curtis Walton by a vote of 708 to 273.

Voters rejected the school district’s $14.4 million budget but approved $113,050 to repair the roof on the school building.



Article 2 (Zoning amendment): 581-422, PASSED

Article 3 (Zoning amendment): 566-469, PASSED

Article 4 (Zoning amendment): 623-422, PASSED

Article 5 ($2,039,100 for water tanks- three-fifths vote required): 761-337, PASSED

Article 6 ($590,985 for radio equipment for the Police Department): 620-481, FAILED

Article 7 ($60,000 for plants for the wastewater facility and pump stations): 732-379, PASSED

Article 8 ($23,713,599 town operating budget): 483-620, FAILED

Article 9 (Seacoast Employees Association contract): 514-594, FAILED

Article 10 (Seabrook Police Association contract): 545-569, FAILED

Article 11 (Seabrook Professional Firefighters Association contract): 674-448, PASSED

Article 12 (Seabrook Supervisory Employees Association contract): 593-493, PASSED

Article 13 (Calls for a Special Town Meeting if contracts are defeated): 485-573, FAILED

Article 14 ($725,000 for water source development land): 655-433 PASSED

Article 15 (Adopting RSA 41:14a to allow selectmen to acquire and sell land): 508-555, FAILED

Article 16 (Establishing a Police Equipment Capital Reserve Fund): 609-465, PASSED

Article 17 (Establishing a Technology Equipment Capital Reserve Fund): 518-555, FAILED

Article 18 (Establishing a DPW Vehicles Capital Reserve Fund): 556-527, PASSED

Article 19 (Establishing a Municipal Buildings Capital Reserve Fund): 544-531, PASSED

Article 20 ($377,000 for street improvements): 852-268, PASSED

Article 21 ($50,000 for maintenance of 7 bedrock wells and five gravel pack wells) 802-309, PASSED

Article 22 ($138,600 to upgrade the System Control and Data Acquisition system of all town water wells): 659-444, PASSED

Article 23 ($150,000 for a 6-wheel dump truck with plow and sander): 571-537, PASSED

Article 24 ($75,000 to replace heating/ AC system for DPW building): 485-619, FAILED

Article 25 ($40,000 for the Fire Department Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and Turnout Gear Capital Reserve Fund): 713-387, PASSED

Article 26 ($875,000 for fire truck): 487-609, FAILED

Article 27 ($15,000 to replace air handling unity in the dewatering building): 583-496, PASSED

Article 28 (Add two new police officers): 522-567, FAILED

Article 29 ($100,000 for the renovation of the police locker room): 514-574, FAILED

Article 30 ($65,000 to replace the boiler at the Community Center): 740-355, PASSED

Article 31 ($200,000 for new HVAC for library): 642-468, PASSED

Article 32 ($45,000 for Old South Meeting House): 411-701, FAILED

Article 33 ($0 dollars for lifeguards at Seabrook Beach): 369-712, FAILED

Article 34 ($5,000 for the Council on Aging): 807-301, PASSED

Article 35 (Waiving registration fees for disabled veterans who were captured): 704-388, PASSED

Article 36 ($3,600 for Child and Family Services): 689-415, PASSED

Article 37 ($2,000 for Child Advocacy Center): 744-367, PASSED

Article 38 ($8,000 for Chucky’s Fight): 606-476, PASSED

Article 39 ($6,000 for Community Home Solutions): 496-579, FAILED

Article 40 ($6,014 for A Safe Place/Haven): 659-416, PASSED

Article 41 ($1,520 for Lamprey Health Care): 472-510, FAILED

Article 42 ($4,129 for Richie McFarland Children’s Fund): 615-456, PASSED

Article 43 ($7,656 for Rockingham County Nutrition Program): 735-343, PASSED

Article 44 ($5,600 for Seabrook Community Table): 706-364, PASSED

Article 45 ($4,000 for Seabrook Lions Club): 670-405, PASSED

Article 46 ($3,622 for Seacoast Mental Health Center): 616-462, PASSED

Article 47 ($7,600 for Seacoast Visiting Nurses Center): 718-381, PASSED

Article 48 ($18,000 for Seacoast Youth Services): 601-394, FAILED

Article 49 ($14,669 for Rockingham Community Action Council): 570-524, PASSED

Article 50 ($3,200 for Transportation Assistance for Seacoast Citizens): 715-380, PASSED

Article 51 ($1,040 for Friends Program): 596-498, PASSED

Article 52 ($2,000 for Aids Response of the Seacoast): 501-585, FAILED

Article 53 ($6,000 for Families First Health and Support Center): 581-510, PASSED


Seabrook School District

Article 1 ($14,419,458 for school budget): 511-551, FAILED

Article 2 (Seacoast Education Association contract): 536-534

Article 3 ($60,000 for locker replacement): 476-586, FAILED

Article 4 ($113,050 for roof replacement): 712-361, PASSED

Article 5 ($75,000 for Special Education Expendable Trust): 610-447, PASSED

Article 6 ($25,000 for School health Insurance Expendable Trust Fund) 516-536, FAILED

Article 7 ($50,000 for Building Maintenance Expendable Trust): 603-457, PASSED

Article 8 ($21,958 for Sacred Heart School): 516-556, FAILED