March 6 To the Editor:

If you are a progressive, like me, who believes Climate Change is the number one existential threat to our children, grandchildren and our planet, but is also concerned about the possible economic implications of a committal to actually addressing the problem, and if you would like to have a candidate who would in all likelihood trash Donald Trump in 2020, I would urge you to check out Jay Inslee the Governor of the State of Washington. Look up and watch his recent interview with Rachel Maddow. Carefully review his record. Should they win the nomination there are a slew of excellent declared Democratic candidates I would enthusiastically support, but for one with a strong long-standing progressive record, who would also appeal to moderate Democrats and Independents, I believe Inslee rises to the top.

For over 12 years in Congress he consistently voted on the side of reason on the big issues. During his first term in Congress he voted for an assault weapons ban, knowing it would cost him the next election, which it did. He voted against the Iraq war, against cutting estate taxes for the rich, against big oil tax breaks, against deregulation of the financial industry, and much more, all the while championing efforts to ameliorate climate change which he has done for 20 years.

As the two-term governor of Washington he has achieved paid family leave, a moratorium on the death penalty, an equal pay law, a state public option for health care, pardons for marijuana-use convictions, a $12, soon to be $13-and-rising minimum wage, with a $16 dollar minimum wage in the largest city; all the while leading the state to have the highest job growth in the country. Much of this growth is based on "green" long before it became fashionable. He points out that the two fastest growing jobs with demand for workers are solar panel installers and wind turbine technicians. Far from fearing the economic implications of the attack on CO2 emissions he has embraced them with strongly positive economic outcomes for his state. Although running with Climate Change as his number one priority, his outstanding record shows him coming down on the right side of multiple issues even when not politically expedient.

As President he would be in the best position to promote nationally that which he has achieved on a state level. His record speaks for itself and his social and economic successes would, no doubt, appeal both to progressives as well as moderates and Independents, a vital combination in defeating the other existential threat to the planet- Donald J. Trump.

Robert L. Barth