March 8 -- To the Editor:

The most recent flyer sent by the folks from “RyeTownHallOption3” is disturbing. That they make a case for a new town hall providing the facts on its perceived benefits versus the cost is fair. I am one of those people they need to convince to vote for this option. However, whatever facts they make get lost when, in the flyer, they attack the integrity of one man.

This tactic illustrates an age old maximum: you learn the true character of a man or an organization when faced with adversity.

The history of this whole question suggests that they’ve got an uphill battle in convincing citizens who have consistently voted no to a new town hall, which will be borne by taxpayers over the next 29 years. We can disagree and argue on the facts and let the voters decide. But the approach of trashing a good man who works untold hours on behalf of the citizens of Rye to make its case is just wrong and offensive to me. The so called “dangerous precedent” cited is comical and insulting to citizens in that there were a number of voters at the session who considered the motion and voted for the change. We are a community with many voices and we will not always agree but we can do so with a degree of respect and dignity that this group seem not to possess.

Nick Toumpas