Jan. 8 To the Editor:

Border walls work to stop vehicle and foot traffic. In the US, the walls are more like fencing. The walls at San Diego, California and Yuma, Arizona work very well to reduce illegal entries to small amounts. In the West Bank of Israel the wall is a high concrete wall and is successful in stopping illegal entry. US Customs and Border Protection reported that for November 2018 inadmissibles at ports of entry (gates) were 10,600 and between ports of entry, 51,856. Illegals stopped totaled 62,456. How many crossed without apprehension?

Our border with Mexico is about 2,000 miles long. Because of natural obstacles only about 1,000 miles requires a wall. Currently, we have about 700 miles of fencing of which 353 miles is anti-pedestrian fencing. If the anti-pedestrian fencing is adequate to stop both vehicles and pedestrians, we might need only 647 miles of new wall. I am not an expert on this issue.

Ninety percent of the cocaine and heroin come over the Southwest border along with other drugs, much through the ports of entry. Drug overdose deaths are estimated at 72,000 of our countrymen in 2017.

A wall can stop entry effectively if the wall is patrolled by a combination of border patrol officers and drones and has watch towers. Preventing entry also pays dividends since it avoids the catch and release that defeats apprehension.

Do your part to help stop illegals and help save lives from drug overdoses, call your US Senators and your Congresswoman.

Tom Pearson