Jan. 9 — To the Editor:

Having been among the throngs of people that filed into City Hall last Monday evening for the latest public input/outcry session perhaps it should be agreed that this is a dynamic process and everyone should be rethinking what is most vital and what is negotiable.

What appears to bother most people is the fact that this significant “public realm” space financed by taxpayers and available to all is being lost to private development that offers slot canyons for public amenity. Gone are the existing trees and grass on Daniel Street. Gone are the public parking spaces on Daniel and Bow Streets. The post office, a commons and meeting place, might even be gone. And in the proposed scheme the big hulk of the federal building continues to go dark at 5. Hmmm! What is to love? What have the city and the residents gained? They could sell the whole thing and get that!

Perhaps the developers could offer to leave the whole corner on Ceres and Bow street available for green space or a public plaza with some grand form of public art.

Maybe there is significant public parking available beyond those 77 private spaces promised exclusively for the pricey new apartments. Maybe the federal building should not fall dark at the end of the day. What uses could turn the lights on at night and make it available to the public. Rooftops are traditionally exclusive preserves like 100 Market St. Maybe it is worth the investment in the federal building to make it available to the public in some way for viewing or dining. Perhaps the rental housing that is created there has a portion that are kept “affordable”. Maybe it should all be affordable. If the post office has to go, provide the residents and others something to make this whole thing worthwhile.

Doug Greene

Kittery, Maine