KITTERY, Maine — Kittery Democrats found much to celebrate at their annual meeting Tuesday, Jan. 8, including a strong voter turnout in November and the election of a new leader.

Democrats saw victories up and down the state, including two Democratic representatives and a state senator for Kittery. More than 40 people gathered at the annual meeting to celebrate those victories and elect a new leader.

Lyn Rosoff was elected to succeed Kathleen Marra, who had served as chairwoman of the Kittery Democratic Committee the past two years. Rosoff vowed to continue to grow the organization and prepare for an even stronger 2020 showing.

“We are energized and ready to focus on the future,” said Rosoff. “2020 will be here before we know it, and we need to prepare to mobilize Kittery Democrats, independents and disenfranchised Republicans to vote for a Democratic president and new Maine senator.”

Rosoff, who has lived in Kittery for 15 years, served as canvassing captain for Seacoast Democrats in the last election. She is also a member of the town’s Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee, as well as a member of the Kittery Art Association.