WELLS - Last month, the Wells-Ogunquit CSD School Committee recognized the Wells High School football team and coaching staff for their recent successful season culminating in November when they won their third consecutive state football championship (includes a Class C title in 2016 and Class D titles in 2017 and 2018).

Head coach Timothy Roche was the first to be recognized by the committee for being named Maine State Coach of the Year, 2017-2018 by the Federation of State High School Associations and the Maine Principals' Association. Coach Roche then gave Wells-Ogunquit CSD Superintendent Jim Daly one of three footballs used in this year’s championship game with Foxcroft Academy. “This ball was a touchdown ball presented to Mr. Daly in appreciation of all he does, not only for Wells football, but for our district,” said Roche afterward.

Members of Roche’s coaching staff were also recognized for their leadership and commitment to the team. They included Mark Lewia, Kevin Fox, Carmen Perri, Rob Berry, John Bucci, Shane Daly and Chad Daly.

Then, one by one, the Warrior players were called to the front to receive their own Certificate of Recognition.

Team members included Nathan Coleman, Brayden Fazzina, Brady Fox, Daniel Marquis, Aaron Patnaude, Dan Swanick, Mike Thiffault, Jonathan Brown, Evan Cash, Craig Chase, Connor Lavigne, Jonah Potter, Devin Chace, Evan Leach, Payton MacKay, Braeden MacNeill, Joshua Martinez, Matt Ouellette, Brian Roberts, Jacob Scott, Zach Steere, Henry Thiffault, Matt Tufts, Gary Andrews, Tyler Bridge, Nate Curtis, Matt Sherburne, Morgan Welch-Thompson, Dylan Whitney, Trevor Bickford, Colby Bolduc, Pierce George, Trent Gibson, Ethan Kenney, Jacob Marshall, Dasani Orben, James Wirths, Zachary Bourque, Mason Jones, Lucas Randall, Kai Rosenberg, Sam Strange and Kyle Bourque.