This January, the Prescott Park Arts Festival kicks off a brand-new fundraising effort; 50/50 cash raffle, Chase the Queen. The 45-year-old local arts nonprofit is partnering with the iconic Press Room to raise funds for its highly anticipated 2019 summer season after taking a financial loss in the 2018 season.

Community members, festival supporters and pub goers alike can purchase the one-dollar raffle tickets at the Press Room in downtown Portsmouth beginning Thursday, Jan. 10 Each Thursday thereafter at 5:30 p.m., a lucky winner will be drawn for the cash prize, and the opportunity to draw from the official deck of cards.

If the Queen of Hearts is drawn, the winner takes home the grand jackpot that grows every week and is currently $1000. With each week, drawn cards are removed from the deck until the Queen of Hearts is ultimately found and the jackpot won.

A 50/50 raffle has been part of the Arts Festival landscape for most of its 45 years, and were excited to bring it back in a bigger way, said Ben Anderson, PPAF President. Its going to be a whole lot of fun during the winter months as we work our way to summer, help fund the festival, and result in lots of lucky winners with each week.

Tickets are being sold on location at the Press Room and can be purchased at any time during regular business hours. Ticket holders do not need to be present to win either the weekly cash prize, or the grand jackpot.

This past summer, the Festival closed its 44th summer season, a season hit heavy with rain which precipitated a slew of cancelled shows. After a challenging summer such as this, the Festival team has been working even harder during the offseason to replenish its financial reserves that were used to help keep the organization afloat.

For more information, contact Ben Anderson, President, at 603-436-2848 or at