Jan. 9 ó To the Editor:

At Mondayís raucous City Council meeting several members of the public complained that the public hearing had to wait until after presentations were made about other city business. They angrily demanded why, if the McIntyre project was so important, the public had to wait through presentations on Greenland water supply and Comcast contracts before they could express their outrage with the current plans.

Last year the city held a series of very constructive public input sessions on Saturday mornings when we got the opportunity to meet with developers, architects, and planners, which allowed us to delve deeply into the nuts and bolts of the project. Did everyone who participated get everything they wanted?

Of course not.

The McIntyre project is extremely complex with many competing interests, constraints, and moving parts. From looking at the deceitful Revist McIntyre website, which cherry picked selected comments from those sessions and uses unflattering colors to contrast the current plans with their own unrealistic vision, youíd think the city completely rode roughshod over public input. The truth is that many ideas from those sessions made it into the current proposal and many of those who participated feel satisfied with the process. My question is if the the McIntyre project is so important the angry Revisit crowd, why didnít they show up at that public input sessions last year? Why do they think itís fair to hijack the process now?

Jonathan Sandberg