Jan. 9 — To the Editor:

Yoo-hoo. Hey you. Yes, you.

Ah yes, that would be, with all due respect,

“Wake up, Portsmouth City Council !!”

What did you not understand about Monday evening? How many of us were there in that room? Bet you’d need more than two hands to count the number of caring, frustrated, angry, concerned, and knowledgeable residents. Yes, Councilor Dwyer, the word, “knowledgeable” is for you and everyone else up there – our current City Council. I do believe you all need to stop graciously implying that we’re the ignorant masses that need to be educated when it comes to the McIntyre Project.

The residents packed into the Eileen Dondero Foley Council Chambers are anything but ignorant. Everyone who spoke so eloquently and passionately about McIntyre knew what they had to say about Redgate Kane’s plans and why. So please just stop trying to make excuses for what you don’t wish to hear. Like it or not, we are your neighbors, your constituents. Many of us voted for all of you.

Monday night you were all staring at 200-plus voters with another 700 of us out there who have signed a petition titled Revisit McIntyre. With the exception of Councilor Becksted, it seems all of you just haven’t gotten the message. Your city, your residents - those who voted you to those seats, put their trust in you. What in the world are you doing? With all due respect, again I say: “Wake up, clean your ears, and have a good large cup of courage!!!”

Please, for the love of God, listen to the voices around you. We gave you trust and what have you given us regarding McIntyre? That answer’s easy. Short and sweet. Zip. Squat. Nada. Oh, sorry. Crickets. The sweet chirping of crickets.

Now, what are you likely to take from the residents of Portsmouth in your hell bent effort to lease McIntyre and her 2.1 acres once you get the chance? Ah, that’s a depressing list. Parking for one. With current parking regulations at 1.3 spaces necessary per dwelling unit, and Redgate Kane proposing 77 spaces for 77 units, they’ll be short 18 spaces and you’ll let them do it. Won’t you? This while you take some on street parking, too. You’ll let them get rid of our fully functioning post office complete with mailboxes. And for good measure, you’ll let the developer chop down some mature trees. No work force housing? No green space? So much for what we get and what you’ll give away.

Please wake up and listen some more. Please step up and give your fellow neighbors and residents some credit. It’s not too late to turn this around. I, for one, know that you all have the intelligence and courage to step up and stop this slow moving train wreck. Just do it.

Thank you Mr. Bohenko and Mr. Rice for finding the extra chairs needed for the overflow crowd. That was kind of you. But giving us such a long couple of opening acts wasn’t really that necessary. Was it? The presentations, both important, could have been saved for the next meeting. Well now, we’ve had a burnt taco and this time a couple of calculatedly long opening acts. What next do we have to look forward to? Overflowing toilet? Darn, I spoiled the secret.

Paige Trace