Rye –Jacqui Bryan will be presenting her newest workshop series starting January 2019. As a Registered Nurse, Functional Nutritionist and Whole Health Educator, Bryan has been helping clients build their own healthy lifestyle programs for over a decade. “Tip The Scales is all about helping people understand the connection between their hormones and health,” Bryan explains. “Weight, fatigue, insomnia and digestive issues are all symptoms of a hormonal imbalance. Many of my clients find the missing link when they start looking past their symptoms to the root cause of their issues; so often the culprit is their hormones,” Bryan continues. “When people think of hormones it is common to think about estrogen and testosterone, but Tip The Scales looks at so much more. We will explore the role of insulin and blood sugar balance, stress and cortisol, thyroid hormones and other behaviors that impact your health. Hormone balance is the missing key for so many frustrated dieters and those struggling with gut or sleep issues,” Bryan shares.

“What people don’t realize is that our hormone health can play a major role, not only in immunity but in disease prevention. What you don’t know CAN hurt you”, says Bryan.

To learn more about this this workshop and reserve a seat contact:

Jacqui Bryan 603-498-2988, Write to EmailMe@JacquiBryan.com

For full details on workshop visit: Events at JacquiBryan.com