PORTSMOUTH — Circulus Arts’ seasoned SoundBody returns to the Gallery at 3S Artspace Sunday, Jan. 6 with 90-minute sessions at both 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. every Sunday throughout the month of January. Tickets are $30 ($27 for members), $110 for a 4-session pass ($100 for members), and available at 3SArts.org.

SoundBody combines music, meditation, and movement, fostering an environment from which nourishing mindfulness can grow. The upcoming winter session will mark the anniversary of its inauguration in early 2018.

The winter series offers four unique Sundays and invites participants to engage in each experience, whether it be yoga, guided meditation, mantra, or just listening deeply, however they feel comfortable. The upcoming session is stylized as a ‘takeover’ of the SoundBody program. Every Sunday a different group of artists will take the well-honed format and expand it with their specific set of skills and expertise, all within the warm and resounding acoustics of the 3S Gallery space.

"The 3S art gallery features big right angles and a very high ceiling, sending the smallest of sounds on a lengthy journey through the room and into your ears," remarks collaborator Eric Klaxton. Each collaborator exploits those majestic sound qualities in their own beautiful way.

Sunday, January 6, will present the duo collaboration of local, national, and international keyboardist and composer Mike Effenberger, with New York-based composer and improvisor Brian Noll, a.k.a. Lightbath. Together, the two sound explorers provide an immersive ‘Deep Listening’ experience by using singing bowls, synthesizers, and plant communication - turning the electrical impulses of plants into music to "explore our inner lives and our connection to nature."

The following Sunday, Jan. 13 will be taken over by Spotlight Award-winning instrumental septet Sojoy. Bandleader Jonny Peiffer is composing brand new music for the band to debut at the event inspired by the animals of mythology, the constellations, and nature. In addition to providing the soundtrack, Peiffer will lead participants in Qigong exercises, laughing mantra, and guided meditation.

The final two Sundays are collaborations among SoundBody veterans and artists new to the experience. On Jan. 20, composers Klaxton (Soggy Po Boys) and Richie Smith (Gretchen and the Pickpockets) will build an improvised score for teacher Karyn Tower to deliver a long-form yoga Nidra (a sort of guided lucid dreamstate). And the winter session finale on Jan. 27 will feature teachers Shelly Grande, Mike Cinilia, and Ankati Day, who will honor nature and the elements through the use of singing bowls, sound-inspired meditation, and yoga flow.

The SoundBody session will coincide with the gallery show Wildlife Fashion Show Safari (Jan. 4-27). The two will cohabitate the gallery and the art show will influence and inform the SoundBody experience. Audiences are encourage to wear warm, comfortable clothing. A yoga mat is suggested, though not necessary. Come get lost, or be found, in sound.