Dear Jerry:

My wife and I are in the holiday party spirit this year. Everyone, including the piano player, is excited about our Christmas Eve party. It will include your recently published “Christmas Musical Trivia Quiz” (December 9, 2018).

At our New Year’s Day party, we will have the same piano player with a different guest list. We wondered whether you would run a “2019 New Year’s Musical Trivia Quiz.”

– Christopher M., Princeton, N.J.

Dear Christopher:

Gladly. The theme is “Name That 2019 Holiday.” The songs are in capital letters. Each song is followed by the answer and then the 2019 date for that holiday. Listed also are some non-holiday events; they are noted with an asterisk (*).

1. AULD LANE SYNE. New Year’s Day. Tuesday, January 1.

Bonus question = What is the nationality of Auld Lang Syne? Scotland.

Another bonus question = What country uses the Auld Lang Syne tune as its national anthem? South Korea.

2. WE THREE KINGS. Epiphany (Three Kings Day). Sunday, January 6.

3. WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN. Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). Tuesday, March 5.

4. MY FUNNY VALENTINE. Valentine’s Day. Thursday, February 14.

5. WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILING. St. Patrick’s Day. Sunday, March 17.

6. DAYENU. Passover. Begins Friday, April 19.

7. EASTER PARADE. Easter. Sunday, April 21.

8. MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME. *Kentucky Derby. Begins Friday, May 3.

9. LA BAMBA. Cinco de Mayo. Sunday, May 5.

10. POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE. *Graduation. Usually in May and June.

11. STAR BANGLED BANNER. Flag Day. Friday, June 14.

12. YANKEE DOODLE. Fourth of July (Independence Day). Thursday, July 4.

13. I’VE BEEN WORKING ON THE RAILROAD. Labor Day. Monday, September 2.

14. THERE SHE IS, MISS AMERICA. *Miss America Pageant. Sunday, September 9.

15. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL. Columbus Day. Monday, October 14.

16. FROM THE HALLS OF MONTEZUMA. Marine Corps Birthday. Sunday, November 10.

17. CAISSONS GO ROLLING ALONG. Veterans Day. Monday, November 11.

18. WE GATHER TOGETHER TO ASK THE LORD’S BLESSING. Thanksgiving. Thursday, November 28.

19. I HAVE A LITTLE DREIDEL. Hannukah begins Sunday, December 22.

Bonus question: How many candles on a Menorah? Nine.

20. SILENT NIGHT. Christmas. Wednesday, December 25.

Bonus question = Silent Night was written two days before Christmas Eve in what year? 1818.

And a final bonus question = During what month of the year are there no major U.S. holidays? August.

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