To the Editor:

To the residents of District 35 (East Kingston, Newton, South Hampton and Kensington),

Thank you, thank you for electing me to be your state representative on Nov. 6. For the next two years, I will work tirelessly to represent you, your thoughts and your comments to the leadership in the Legislature.

I will do my best to bring back answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. I just finished three days of orientation and a full day in session and I cannot wait to get busy! It looks like there is a lot of legislation that will be put forth this year. I will only vote "yes" if legislation is constitutional. I will also keep in mind that we are “spending our poorest constituent’s money.” This is a phrase I heard one senior legislator say and I will refer to it often. I am setting up office hours in each of the towns for one hour every month to start. My counterparts Charlie Melvin from Newton and Dan Davis for Kensington, East Kingston and South Hampton will join me. Come by and have coffee with us. I will update my website regularly with News and Happenings in Concord when our session begins in January.

Deborah Hobson

East Kingston