To the Editor:

Select Board members Waite, Mooney and Winn voted in favor of entering into contract with DeStefano & Associates, Inc. for the engineering, design and construction of the new bathhouses at the towns beaches. The Select Board did not approve the RFP before it was released nor was it posted on the town's website. Local contractors requested the RFP on numerous occasions and were told that one was not available. Violations like this result in an open-ended contract which commits taxpayers to paying an unknown amount potentially greater than the approved amount. Waite, Mooney and Winn failed to address questions citizens have about the town manager's unadvertised hiring of a full-time special projects manager with a weekly salary if $1,900 per week. The salary is not part of this year's approved budget. Thus far, this individual has been paid $30,000. The three also pushed for joining with Wells to hire a shared DPW director. Wells is considerably larger than Ogunquit, but we currently pay 40 percent of her salary. This cooperative, includes shared machinery and maintenance paid for with Ogunquit tax dollars.

Code of Ethics for Select Board members, Section 3: members shall refrain from...verbal attacks upon character or motives of...citizens. Selectman Mooney violated this in a letter she sent to residents speaking negatively about the citizens who launched the recall effort. Violation of Town Charter Section 405.11: Residents shall have an opportunity submit written questions to the Town Manager on any budget issues or other questions regarding the Town's affairs and she shall respond during the next monthly report. The three Select Board members have failed to hold the town manager accountable when she refuses to respond to citizens' concerns. Is this how "we" the residents of Ogunquit wish to be represented? "No." We're better than this. Vote "yes" on the recall when it becomes available.

James Ronsivalli