Dec. 5 — To the Editor:

My first thought before I even finished reading the story regarding the Dover High School teacher who was put on administrative leave was “Enough is Enough”. Another self-serving inappropriate video that a clueless student put out to the social media community without regard for the personal damage it could or more importantly, has caused someone. Not only was it inappropriate, but was done without the teacher’s knowledge and most important, his consent.

I personally know the teacher/coach and consider him a friend who has been a mentor to hundreds of students he has taught, as well as coached. He also taught and coached my son at Dover High and his passion for his students and players is legendary.

My son also had the same class project as the one that has driven readers to a frenzy without reading and knowing the facts and purpose of the class project. My son sent a text to my wife seconds after he saw the video and made it clear, he and countless others had that same project and never for a second, was racism, or any disrespect towards any gender, class, color or religion part of the assignment. It was about select groups in factual American History that fractured lives with their idiot motives and beliefs like the KKK.

My hope is some good comes out of this, and other social media antagonists wake up and realize your self-serving need to get attention at the expense of others needs to stop. Unless you have been sleeping for the past five decades, our country is in the midst of over active and insensitive social attacks across all genders, race, and religion.

The next time you feel a need to be cute, noticed, or flat out ignorant by posting harmful subject matter on social media, look in the mirror and ask the reflection you see if your video, comments or other selfish acts will cause pain to someone else. Then maybe we’ll all start to respect each other regardless of who we are.

Dana Dube