Dec. 6 — To the Editor:

It is once again disappointing that the Herald’s reporting, endorsing, and, finally, headline pertaining to the Secretary of State election was disingenuous at best, inaccurate or ignorant at worst. The Herald’s emphasis on New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary as being a factor in the election was misplaced. The fact is our Primary position is protected by statute, and whoever is the Secretary must set the date one week before any other state. The legislature passed a state law (653:9 Presidential Primary Election) in 2010 mandating this, so repeatedly calling Secretary Gardner the “guardian of the NH primary” is untrue and a distraction.

This race was never about the Primary, but about how Gardner has let the office’s procedures and website become antiquated, has cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees for lost lawsuits, and, most importantly, how Gardner is supporting voter restriction legislation. While Gardner’s supporters argued his opponent politicized the race, in fact it was Secretary Gardner who politicized the office by not only enforcing this legislation, but also actually testifying and lobbying for it. His participation in the bogus Voter Fraud committee speaks itself.

It’s too bad the Herald latched onto a false and misleading catchphrase instead of doing some real research.

Allen Norelli